90 Second Website Builder runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8.
It will run it also run on an Intel based Mac running Windows (Bootcamp, Parallels, etc.)
Look at What you Can Do with 90 Second Website Builder...
Just drag the video tool into place and you're ready to stream.  90 Second Website Builder makes it easy to use YouTube, QuickTime, Real Player, Windows Media Player or Flash Videos on your site.

90 Second Website Builder includes Flash Player support for multiple video formats including:

FLV, MP4. AVC, MOV, AVI, MP4V, M4V, F4V, VP6, VP7 and M4A (AAC, iPod), M4R
(Audio/Ringtones for iPhone), F4A (Audio)

And now with the latest version of 90 Second Website Builder, you can open your YouTube video in a fancy LightBox.  Make your video "pop" off the screen and play smoothly through a sleek looking window.

Embed Video

Watch a Video Demo

Build Landing Pages
(Squeeze Pages)

Building a squeeze page or landing page with an opt-in form has never been easier. All you need is the code that is provided by your autoresponder service. Adding an opt-in form is as easy as copying and pasting the AR code you are given into the box. Easily preview your opt-in box online with the press of a button.
Build Your List...Capture Leads

Make instant Subscriber Forms for your squeeze and landing pages without any hassle, formatting problems or complicated code. Just paste the provided information into a box...and drag it into place.

Thanks to the technology built into the 90 Second Website Builder, all you need is the code provided by your Auto-Responder service such as AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, etc. Copy and Paste your way to an instant squeeze page ready to capture leads through your website
Watch a Squeeze Page Video Demo

Drawing Tools

90 Second Website Builder's built-in Drawing Tools allows you to create an endless possibility of website images, objects, shapes, lines, curves, talk bubbles, bullets, backgrounds, boxes, stars, badges and just about anything you can imagine.  Use these drag and drop drawing tools to make your own shapes or use any one of the many selections from the built-in clip art library to create your own icons and buttons.  You choose the size, shape, color, gradients, texture, border, background and many other custom attributes.  The Text Art tool allows you to create headings and highlighted text with drag and drop ease.
Multi-line Text Art
Watch a Video About the Drawing Tools
Hover your mouse over this shape.
Feed Twitter messages, Flickr images, MySpace blogs to your web page with ease. Just fill in the form and 90 Second Website Builder does the hard part.

Also add FaceBook "LIKE" buttons or link to any of your blogs, social networks using various tools in the 90 Second Website Builder interface.

90 Second Website Builder now has over 65 Ready-To-Use JavaScripts. One of them is the newly added Social Bookmarking and Feeds options.  This easily adds social network share icons onto your website. It includes delicious, digg, facebook, linkedin, myspace, stumbleupon, tumblr, twitter and many more. Just choose the social networks you want to include and add your link.

Connect with Social Media Bookmarks and Feeds

Watch a Twitter Feed Video
Watch a Social Bookmarking Video
Mega Menu
Nav Bar
Menu Bar
jQuery Accordion
Easily add custom navigation bars, menus, accordion-style or tab styled nav systems to your website.

Just drag the tool you want to use onto the canvas and select the style you want.  Choose from hundreds of style combinations and colors...or custom make your own.

90 Second Website Builder's Drag and Drop tools, make building a navigation system as easy as pointing and clicking. No programming or HTML required.

You can even auto-sync your menu bar to all the pages in your website
Watch a Nav Bar Video

Navigation Menus

Watch a MenuBar Video
Watch a jQuery Accordion Video
Watch a MegaMenu Video

Item 1

This is a content area. It can hold text, images, forms, videos, Google Maps, shapes, links and just about anything you can think of.

Your Title Goes Here

You can put any kind of content you want in this space, images, text links, forms, even video.

Anything You Want Goes Here

You can put any kind of content you want in this space, images, text links, forms, even video.

Create as Many of These Headings As You Want

You can put any kind of content you want in this space, images, text links, forms, even video.
Click on any one of the tabs above to see how the jQuery tabs works.

JQuery Tabs

The tabbed menu you are looking at is a feature called the jQuery Tabs. You can use it to create a menu system that displays a lot of different content without having to navigate away from the page. This creates better page load times and allows you to use the space on the page more efficiently...besides, it looks really cool.

The jQuery tabs content areas can contain, text, images, forms, videos, and just about any other web page object, allowing you to make a web page with a lot of interactivity to keep your visitors engaged.
You can put any kind of content you want in this space, images, text links, forms, even video.
The themes manager allows you to apply professionally pre-designed themes that effect the way your jQuery tabs looks. Your theme can also be applied to every appropriate object on the same page to keep your design consistent and professional.
This is another content area for inside a jQuery Tab. You can put almost anything you want in here with drag and drop ease.

jQuery Tabs is just another great way to create a navigation system on your website that displays content in an easy to use way.

jQuery Theme Manager

The jQuery Theme Manager allows you to create your own custom themes for jQuery objects MUCH easier and directly from within the application.  The previous version used required the use theme roller themes and for you to create them at a 3rd party theme roller site, download the files and then install them.  But the new Theme Manager in Version 8 lets you perform this function in a snap without having to leave the program, download or install anything. And although the Theme Manager was designed to create themes for jQuery UI objects, other objects also support these theme. Themes are now assigned to an entire page instead of each object individually keeping your site consistent and coordinated. For example you can now select 'Use page theme' in the menu bar, navigation bar, tab menu and many other objects.

Style Manager & Gradient Editor

Version 8 adds a new gradient editor with a "horizontal/vertical' preview option in Gradient editor. Some gradients look a lot better now you can preview them better.

Polaroid-Style Frames for Images

90 Second Website Builder Version 8 has the newly added Polaroid frame styles that uses CSS3 and has a few cool effects like rotated or variable sized polaroids. Yet another way to create amazing photo galleries.

Mobile Friendly Carousel Slider Tool

The new Carousel object (also known as horizontal sliding panels) displays images or any other objects by scrolling the content from right to left using a smooth sliding animation (with more than 30 easing effects). It’s a very effective method to increase the web site usability and engage the visitor. You probably have seen this effect on many popular websites, such as Apple or Blackberry. Users can step to any specific panel on demand using the pagination icons or browse the carousel sequentially by using the back/next buttons. The Carousel also has built-in support for mobile devices. On the iPhone/iPad/Android visitors can use swipe gestures to switch between pages.

90 Second Website Builder Features...

- No HTML knowledge required.
- Generate standard web files: HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, PHP.
- Over 220 Starter Templates
- Mobile Website Builder Kit with Templates, Video Tutorials and 1600 Mobile Image Library
- 8000+ Graphics Library
- Global Style Manager (for hyperlinks, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags)
- Navigation Bars, Menu Bars, CSS Menus, Mega Menu, Go Menu.More than 600 navigation bar button style combinations to choose from.
- Slideshows, Photo Galleries, Carousel, Roll-over Images
- MP3 Audio Player
- Built-in Photo Gallery maker, with lots of cool features such as picture frames, etc.
- Instant Bulleted Lists: Circle, Disc, Square, Numeric, Alphabetical, Roman Numeral and even custom bullet images.
- Dock-able Windows for easily customized canvas (workspace)
- Layer Objects for fluid layout possibilities
- Find/Replace Text for fast editing
- Insert symbols  and special characters
- Hide/Show Rulers and Guides for professional looking layouts
- Page Transition options for Internet Explorer users
- iFrame Tool (Inline Frames)
- Master Page tool allowing you to use single objects on multiple pages (This saves time for larger websites)
- Embed Video with drag and drop simplicity. Flash, HTML5 Audio/Video, YouTube, Flash Video, etc.
- 65+ Ready-to-use Javascripts for special effects, social media connections and dozens of other functions
- Easily add E-Commerce with the PayPal button tool. Just place the button anywhere on your web page. Then, fill out the form that pops up with your PayPal details
- Custom HTML object for inserting your own or 3rd party HTML code snippets or JavaScripts.
- Paste any HTML code into any section of the page. (Great for Google Analytics and external scripts that require outside code.)
- Import existing HTML pages from your PC or through an online URL into the website building software
- Rich text support: Text Object can contain different fonts, colors, backgrounds, styles and sizes.
- Image Effects (gray scale, negative, sepia, blur, soften, emboss, rotate, crop, slice, distort, transparency, metallic, old photo, and many others).
- Images, shapes and form controls have a Events Function, so you can easily maker interactive actions and animation to objects
- Drawing Tools (Draw Shapes, Text Art, Curves, Clipart, Polygons, Banners etc)
- Ability to group/ungroup/merge objects
- Advanced Form Tools with Edit Box, Text Area, Checkbox, Radio Button, Combo Box and Submit Button.
- Properties Inspector for quick object manipulation and management
- Google friendly Sitemap Generator for better search engine rankings
- PHP Form Maker,(Email Contact Forms, Validation, MySQL, Form Wizard).
- Built-in Login System (protect pages with username / password protection).
- Membership Site Template, pre-built password protected log-in tools.
- jQuery integration (Tabs, Accordion Menu, Animation, Button Effects).
- jQuery Themes Manager to make your website colors and layout consistent, streamlined and professional
- Easy integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Maker and other social media.
- Built-in Content Management System (CMS)
- Users Manual (PDF) for detailed instructions
- 140+ Video Tutorials for easy visual demos.

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The animated slider above was created by using the Carousel Tool in 90 Second Website Builder. Watch the demo to see how easy it is to do with drag and drop simplicity.
Look at what you can do with
90 Second Website Builder Version 8
This "slide-show" you are watching is called a CAROUSEL.

It's one of the many cool features in 90 Second Website Builder.
You can place photos, text, images, shapes and even links into a carousel...
This is a text object with a link!
The background of the carousel can be solid, transparent, an image, gradient, texture, etc... the possibilities are endless.
You can navigate forward and backward by clicking these little arrows....
Click the white buttons below to go to a specific page. You can have up to 25 pages.
...Or you can just let the carousel automatically change slides at any speed you want...
The arrows and white buttons are optional.
You can hide them if you want.
Use the carousel to display your portfolio...
...Or show off your products!
See what you can do with
90 Second Website Builder...

Animation and Transition Effects (CSS3)

90 Second Website Builder Version 9 includes CSS3 Animation Support with transition options. Add animation to any image object to create bounce, fades, scrolling, opacity, wobbles, wiggles, shakes, 3-D , flip, fly, rotate, scale, flash, dim, transform, spring, swing, skew an dmany more combinations to create movement.

Mobile Friendly

Build mobile friendly websites with the same drag and drop ease you expect from this amazing software. Mobile Sites are the hottest thing online... and with this simple mobile site builder, you are able to make mobile friendly versions of your websites quickly and easily.

The Mobile Site Building Kit includes over a dozen pre-built templates that already have all the technical code built into them, so you don't have to do any of that part. Your job is to just change the look by dragging images, objects, videos, text, opt-in forms or virtually anything else you want, into place.

Also included is a special image library that gives you access to over 1600 smart phone style graphics to help make your mobile sites look professional.

Plus the Mobile Site Building Kit includes an 8-part video tutorial series to help you learn more about how to create and design mobile sites for yourself or other people with ease using this incredible website building software.

Work with Images Effects

Add "Polaroid" Stack effects, drop shadows, reflections, pictures frames and more.

The image tool makes it easy to add images to your website project by dragging and dropping any image into place.

You can even drag an image directly from your computer's desktop onto the project canvas without using any special tools.
Version 9 of 90 Second Website Builder has even more special effects optins to an already huge library of possibilities. New effects include: Transparent Gradient, Tilt Shift, Night Vision, Blue Print, Edge preserving blur, UrbanInk, Effect, Holga, Old Movie and Polaroid Stack.
Questions? Call Us: (541) 343-3653
Web Design Software for Humans.

Add E-Commerce

Adding E-Commerce to your website is simple with 90 Second Website Builder.  Even the task of adding a payment button is now drag and drop easy thanks to this software.

If you have ever struggled with adding PayPal checkout buttons to your website, you'll be amazed at the 90 Second Website Builder built-in PayPal button tool. Just use the PayPal button tool to place the button anywhere on your web page. Fill out the form that pops up on your screen. Provide your PayPal details and easily preview it in your browser to make sure your button is working. Easily preview your PayPal button online with the press of a button.
Build Mobile
Friendly Websites
Create Special Effects
Page Backgrounds

Accept Payments Online

Social Media Connection

Navigation Menus

Password Protected

90 Second Website Builder's Search Engine Optimization section allows you to control Follow, NoFollow,
Robots, Revisit After and Expires options.   This lets you tell Google which pages to crawl and which ones to hide from their search engine results.

Plus, easily edit meta tags, keywords, alt tags, descriptions and titles for maximum SEO effect.

Even add a Google-Friendly site map literally at the push of a button.  Then submit the file 90 Second Website Builder generates for you to Google's Webmaster Tools and you are done.
drag and drop website maker
simple web site builder
websites maker

Optimize Your Site for Search Engines
(SEO Tools)

Create HTML5 Compatible Web Pages

Now you can use 'HTML 5' as the document type for your web pages. You basically will convert any one or more of your web pages to HTML 5 with the click of the mouse. Note that this is much more than just a setting. It also affects the generated HTML code to ensure full HTML5 compliance.
90 Second Website Builder is a Product of BlackWire Marketing, LLC - 1292 High St. - Suite 219 - Eugene OR 97401 - Phone: (541) 343-3653
90 Second Website Builder
Getting Help
Copyright © 2014  BlackWire Marketing, LLC
Just drag and drop the Google Translate feature from the Ready-To- Use javaScripts Library and it's done. It's actually not possible for this to be be any easier.

Google Translate Tool

Try it Now

Google Analytics Tool

1-Click Google Analytics
The new Google Analytics tool is now easily accessible from the main ribbon menu, so adding Google Analtics code to any page is just one button click away.