90 Second Website Builder runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8.
It will run it also run on an Intel based Mac running Windows (Bootcamp, Parallels, etc.)
Over 220 Website Templates to Help Get You Started
While it's easy to build a website from a blank canvas with 90 Second Website Builder, we've still included over 210 starter templates to get your creative juices flowing.  Simply open a template and move things around, delete what you don't want, add things you like, edit the text, change the background, add a video....or whatever you want to make it yours using the simple drag and drop - point and click ease of 90 Second Website Builder's tools.
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Winery Hotel Beauty Carpet Cleaner Business Simple
Yoga Dating Forex Wedding Planner Sushi Jewelry
Landscape London Fog Photography Parrots Photography 2 Real Estate
Make Money Beauty 2 Orange Biz Curvy Coffee Greg
Blue Landing Green Landing Red Landing Product Review Travel Business Man
Company Man Personal Rustic Weight Loss World Biz Business Woman
This is Just a Sampling...

The 90 Second Website Builder members area contains a growing collection of over 220 easy-to-use website templates you can use to create your website with.
web template
website templates
Mobile Site Building Kit
Now you can build mobile friendly websites with the same drag and drop ease you expect from 90 Second Website Builder. Mobile Sites are the hottest thing online... and with this simple mobile site builder, you are able to make mobile friendly versions of your websites in a snap.

More than half of all web surfing is now done on a it's important to be able to create mobile friendly websites now more than ever. And 90 Second Website Builder even makes this part of web development easy to do.

The Mobile Site Building Kit includes over a dozen pre-built templates that already have all the technical code built-in, so you don't have to do any of that part. Your job is to just change the look by dragging images, objects, videos, text, opt-in forms or virtually anything else you want into place.

Also included is a special image library that gives you access to over 1600 smart phone style graphics to help make your mobile sites look professional.

Plus the Mobile Site Building Kit includes an 8 part video tutorial series to help you learn more about how to create and design mobile sites for yourself or other people with ease.
Over a Dozen Mobile Website Templates
The 220+ templates that are included with 90 Second Website Builder include about a dozen that are designed specifically to be mobile friendly.  These templates allow you to create an alternate version of a desktop site so that visitors to it can be redirected based on the device they are surfing with.  The special code that is required to redirect mobile users is also included in the Mobile Site Kit, so it's easy to copy and paste it into any desktop site.

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