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I want to build a website for my small business with 90 Second Website Builder FREE for 30 Days.....
I’m not a programmer or professional web builder - just a manager of a business. This program is so powerful. It’s easy to give the site the features that I want it to have.
Thank-you very much for your time.
John I.
I've got to tell you, I love this software... and I know website software as I have built over 2,500 websites in the last 12 years.

Ray S

If you are looking for a program to build a website for your small business, look no further.  This powerful web design software program requires NO HTML KNOWLEDGE.  Just drag and drop images, text and other objects onto your page and you're done.  You can easily build your site from a blank canvas, or start with any one of several templates. There are over 220 to choose from and more being added all the time. It's easy to do, whether you want to create a simple web page, landing page, mobile friendly websites or anything else you can imagine. 
Hi, my name is Greg Hughes. I’m a small business operator.  In fact, I have been for much of my life, so I understand the challenges most small businesses face when it comes to trying to survive in a tricky economy. I especially understand what it takes to conduct business online, because I have been doing that since 1996. Running a business on the Internet is my area of expertise…and I’d like to help you the way I have helped thousands of small business owners over the years create a professional web presence.

These days, you need access to the kind of technology it takes to get leads, customers and potentially sales to your small business without having it cost you a small fortune.
Most small business entrepreneurs can’t spend the kind of money it takes to develop your site the conventional way - that is, spending $5,000 or more hiring a web designer to build your site for you. The problem is, getting what you want is not only expensive, but it’s complicated. If you try those “free website builder” programs, you quickly find out they aren’t exactly free - and they make it too difficult to build a website the way YOU want it to look and the way YOU want it to work.

That’s why so many small business owners have turned to 90 Second Website Builder as a solution for creating an online presence that not only looks the way they want it to, but converts it’s visitors to paying customers.
Here are a few real life examples of sites that were created using 90 Second Website Builder.  These small business owners built their websites using our simple-to-use drag and drop interface.

Small Business Websites

Built with 90 Second Website Builder

Creating a Website for Your Business

90 Second Website Builder is very easy to use. If you can point, click drag and drop, you can build a great looking, professional site without having to take a college course to learn how. No more hiring expensive designers who don’t get back to you for six months.

90 Second Website Builder is flexible. Unlike other so -called “easy” web builders, 90 Second Website Builder is a true WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)  application.  This means that you can simply drag objects and text into place and you’ve built a website.  Want to add a video?  Drag one onto the canvas.  Want to add a sign up form?... the Form Tool makes it simple.

90 Second Website Builder is affordable. Since it is actual software you download and run on your PC, you have full control over your files without paying any monthly fees, recurring charges, or annual subscriptions.  You pay ONE TIME $69.95 - and that includes full support by phone, email, help desk and an extensive video library.

Easy, Flexible, Affordable

Try it for free. I believe in this software so much that I give it away all day.  Why? Because I know that if you try my product and see how easy it is to build a small business website, you will want to do business with me.

Here’s my offer….  Download the 90 Second Website Builder software and use it for 30 days free of charge - no credit card required. If you have any questions, send me an email or call me 9am to 9pm PST.  I answer the phone. And I return my own calls if you leave a message.  When you become a 90 Second Website Builder customer, you don’t just get access to my software, you get access to me. 
So, try it today and let’s start building your small business website now.

Try it For Free

Hi Greg,
Thanks for your email.  So far, I'm really impressed with the 90 second website builder, it's extremely user friendly and a great piece of software.
Kind regards,
Jason C.

Hello Greg,

I feel the need to write again.  First, I want to say what a great product 90 Second Website Builder is and what a first class company you are.  The personal touch you provide is fantastic.  I feel more like a fellow creator than a buyer of the software.  I will look forward to my growth in this arena. 

Dennis C.
Navigation Menus
Navigation Bars, Menu Bars, CSS Menus, Mega Menu, Go Menu.More than 600 navigation bar button style combinations to choose from.
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Video Streamer
Need a video on your web page?  Just DRAG and DROP the Video Tool into place. Flash, HTML5 Audio/Video, YouTube, Flash Video, etc.
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Audio Player
Easily Add an MP3 Audio Stream or Podcast.
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Slide Shows
Choose your pictures and create a Slide Show instantly and easily with a fancy LightBox or any one of many effects.
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Photo Gallery
Display your favorite photos with easy to configure photo galleries. Lost of cool features like picture frames.
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Social Media
Easy integration with Twitter, Facebook Google+, LinkedIn, Tumbler and other social media.
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Hi Greg.
Thank you for all your help. The website which I put up today shows that our business is still alive so we are still in the running.

I needed to be in control of my website and your "FREE TRIAL" has given me the tools to do this. I had my back against the wall with little funds remaining but yet without any payment you persevered to get me up and running.

Thank You. We will be purchasing  90 Second Website Builder.
Best regards,
Thanks, you are always so helpful and prompt in your responses to questions. Thanks very much you exemplify what service is about. I love the product I have been working with websites for about 6 years and this is absolutely the best software out there easy to use and easy to learn.

John D.

Look at these
Hi Greg,

Just a quick mail to thank you for this fantastic program. I originally paid someone to build a site for me out of WordPress, whenever I wanted to change anything it was impossible! All the alignment was so touchy, and even the smallest changes had me frustrated with how complicated the templates were.

I used 90 second website builder to re-build my site and I am so pleased with how easy and comprehensive this program is. I followed your SEO guidelines on the video and as a result I am between position #1 and #3 for organic searches for the four major keywords which I focused on!! I can’t believe it! 
All the best.

Martin Asher
90 Second Website Builder is different from other web design software. It's really a website generator. It's easy to use because it is based on a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) platform. Since you can drag and drop (and even stretch) website objects into place where you want, you have greater control over the layout. You can put objects in front of (or behind) other objects to create dimension.

Add banners, navigation bars, ready-to-use JavaScripts, videos, PayPal® buttons, landing page optin-forms and many other things that you can't do as easily using a regular HTML editor. Add 3rd party HTML code such as affiliate links, Google Analytics, AdSense or Amazon snippets using the drag and drop html tool.

90 Second Website Builder's flexibility opens up a new world for creating an Internet presence.  If you've struggled with complicated HTML editors that require a college course to use, you will love this website building software.  Build search engine friendly, professional website designs without the learning curve or the high cost of hiring a web designer.

Get the FULL, Unlimited Version of this Powerful Drag and Drop Web Design Software Right Now...

No monthly fees. No hidden costs. No annual renewals.

Build as many websites as you want to.

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This software is an offline Windows based drag and drop web design software program. It does not need to be uploaded to a web server or online platform. It installs and runs on your computer.  You can install this website builder on up to 3 different computers with the same license code.

90 Second Website Builder runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
It will also run on an Intel based Mac running Windows (Bootcamp, Parallels, etc.)
Looking for a Mac Version?  Try Drag and Drop Site Builder for Mac
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