Carousels can also use the Parallax effect...
Carousels can also hold almost any web object.


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Here's a FULL-PAGE WIDTH Carousel (responsive) .
The Carousel object (also known as a horizontal slider) displays images or any other objects by scrolling the content horizontally using a smooth sliding animation (with more than 30 easing effects). Itís a very effective method to increase the website usability and engage the visitor.

You probably have seen this effect on many popular websites. Users can jump to any specific panel on demand using the pagination icons or browse the carousel sequentially by using the back/next buttons.

The Carousel also has built-in support for mobile devices. On the iPhone/iPad/Android visitors can use swipe gestures to switch between pages.
See what you can do with the
90 Second Website Builder Carousel Tool
This "slide-show" you are watching is called a CAROUSEL.

It's one of the many cool features in 90 Second Website Builder.
You can place photos, text, images, shapes and even links into a carousel...
This is a text object with a link!
...or show off your product
You can navigate forward and backward by clicking these little arrows....
...Or you can just let the carousel automatically change slides at any speed you want...
You can have up to 25 pages.
Click the white buttons below to go to a specific page.
The arrows and white buttons are optional.
You can hide them if you want.
Use any background....
...Or none at all...
Each slide can have it's own....
The possibilities are almost endless.
You can configure your carousel with seemingly endless options. Add backgrounds, control the speed, the size of the icons if they show, where they show; the effect of the transition and much more.  It will accommodate up to 25 different slides and you can order them the way you see fit.

Carousels can also be as large as the full page width or as small as the objects you place inside.
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