This demo is a basic use of an EVENT
When this text object is clicked, an event is triggered to SHOW a shape called a "talk bubble".
This event triggers a certain JavaScript.  You can see what it does by clicking here.
Here's another trick with EVENTS...
Move your mouse over the small image to change the content of the larger image.
You can create special effects, actions, movement, showing, hiding, styling or just about anything you can imagine using the events features in 90 Second Website Builder.  The EVENTS feature is more than a tool - it is a set of tools and a design concept that allows you to do what would normally require complex coding and script development, only with point and click ease.

An EVENT can be triggered by an action.  For example, the event of SHOWING an object on the page can be triggered by the ACTION of clicking on another object.  Then, HOW that action behaves can also be edited.  So the ACTION of SHOWING an object can be done by SHOWING the object WITH AN EFFECT when another object is clicked.

But actions aren't limited to clicks.  They can be based on all kinds of mouse movement, page loading, page scrolling and other web page activities.  And objects are limited to text and images.  Many different can be affected by actions including media, forms and even JavaScripts.

The few examples shown below are just a tip of the iceberg on what can be accomplished with EVENTS.  Learning to use this set of tools will make you a master web designer and even allow your to create website that can do things no other web design platform can accomplish.  Your only limitation is your imagination.
This demo takes the one above to a new level. Instead of just showing an object, we will trigger the EVENT with something called  SHOW WITH EFFECT.
When this text object is clicked, an event is triggered to SHOW WITH EFFECT called FADE a layer that has text in it.
You can do more than just show or hide objects with events.  You can also change the state of an object.  For example, click your mouse into the form edit box to the right and type some text. Notice how the event you trigger changes the look of the field and font.
Type something here:
Hovering over this image triggers an event that shows a larger one with a FADE.  Moving the mouse outside of the image, triggers the event in reverse.
You can also change the location of an object on the  page with an EVENT. Clicking Here will MOVE  this Ambulance Icon to another position.

Clicking Here will set it back to where it was
Notice this golf ball didn't SHOW until you got to this part of the page.  That's because an event can be triggered by a bookmark. 

That means when the user gets to a specific scroll position down the page, you can trigger an action.

In this case we SHOWED an image of a golf ball  WITH AN EFFECT called BOUNCE.

If you want to see it again, you will need to scroll back up to the top, refresh (reload) the page and scroll back down to this area... because the event is triggered by the vertical scrolled position
This time, using an event and a bookmark,  we will make the image of the orange HIDE WITH AN EFFECT called SHAKE when you scroll down far enough...
If it still shows, you haven't scrolled down far enough yet :
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