All About Web Hosting
In order to create a website, you need 3 things:

1. A domain name - the address (URL) to your website
2. A web hosting account - the place your website files will be stored on the Internet
3. A way to BUILD your website - what 90 Second Website Builder does.

Web Hosting
In order for your website to be seen on the Internet, it needs to be stored (hosted) in a special computer called a web server. Web hosting companies provide space on web servers for you to store your website on.  Of course, to get a hosting account, you have to have a domain name so that your account will have an address (URL) for your website to be found at.

While 90 Second Website Builder customers are free to host their websites at any web host, we also provide hosting service through our site at KloudWire.

90 Second Website Builder customers get a substantial discount for hosting through BlackWire Hosting.  See the 90 Second Website Builder Membership Area for details and discount coupon for hosting service at BlackWire.

A Beginner's Mini-Course on
How to Build and Manage a Website
by Greg Hughes
If you are new to the concept of  building and managing a website...or want to know more about how domain names work,  this short video tutorial will help you. It is a mini-course on what is involved it setting up and managing a web presence on the Internet...without all the technical jargon.
How to Set Up a Website
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