Layout Grid
This entire page was designed using Layout Grid objects (as are most of the pages on this website).

The layout grid provides a fast way to create responsive (fluid) layouts. A grid is a one row container that can have up to 12 columns, with sizes based on percentages. Page objects that are placed into the grid automatically become floating objects, which means that they will appear next to each other in relative positioning. If an object does not fit on the current row, it responds to the device by wrapping down below the previous object.

Some objects (images, text, blog, photo gallery) can be set to full width, so they always take up the entire row and stretch or shrink when the browser width changes.

For smaller (mobile) screens, all columns are stacked based on the defined breakpoint.

This is a great new way to create flexible, fluid responsive layouts with a boot-strap feel.
The image above is a screen shot of 3 Layout Grids. The top one is just a 2 column grid with text. The middle one is a 3 column demo. The bottom one is also 3 columns with widths set to accommodate a table.

Layout grids can hold, text, images, video, backgrounds, navigation and anything else you can place into a standard layer.  Additionally, a Layout Grid can be enabled to be used as a FORM with one click.
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