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Build app-style mobile websites with the same drag and drop ease you expect from this amazing software. Mobile Sites are hot ... and with this simple mobile site builder, you are able to make HTML5/jQuery-based mobile app-style websites without programming.

90 Second Website Builder's built-in Mobile Website Builder allows you to drag and drop your way to a professional jQuery-based mobile site that already has all the technical code built into it, so you don't have to do any of that part. Your job is to just change the look by dragging images, objects, videos, text, opt-in forms or virtually anything else you want, into place.
A Mobile Friendly Website vs. A Mobile Website
There is a difference between a mobile-friendly (responsive) and a mobile website. In fact, they are very different.

A mobile-friendly website is something you build with the RESPONSIVE tools in 90 Second Website Builder. A mobile-friendly website is one that responds to browsers on a mobile devices by changing the layout of the site to accommodate a smaller window.

A Mobile Website is something you use the Mobile Website Builder in 90 Second Website Builder for. Mobile websites are generated in a jQuery/HTML 5 environment. They are inherently responsive, but written with a different protocol.  A mobile website is virtually the same as a mobile app - except that it is stored on a web server instead of downloaded to the user's device. But the structure and programming are virtually the same. Also a mobile site needs to be stored in it's own directory, whereas a mobile-FRIENDLY website is just a variation of the page(s) of your normal desktop website.
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