The layer above containing the keyboard background image utilizes the parallax as well as the setting "Relative Horizontal Sizing."
Because the layer is the exact width of the page and is set to size relatively horizontal, it gives the infinite width effect that you see across
the page no matter how wide you make your browser window.
But the layer below does not use Relative Horizontal Sizing in it's settings.  This creates a finite or fixed width.  Yet the parallax effect can still be implemented as you will see as you scroll down.
And by using multiple layers with the same image background with parallax, you can create even more depth for your page...
...with content in-between the parallax-effected layers.
And, of course, a layer that is utilizing a parallax effect can still hold all the usual objects and contents that a layer can hold as the parallax only applies to the background image.
The 90 Second Website Builder Parallax Effect has been applied to the background image of this layer.  While this text object sits on top - within the layer.
Another cool trick...
The possibilities are almost endless.
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Parallax is a popular effect that can be used with the background setting of a layer.  It's amazingly simple to implement in 90 Second Website Builder.

With the image mode is selected, and the image of your choice is in place, all you do is choose parallax for the size setting and the effect is in place.

The background image will scroll slower than the content in the foreground, creating the illusion of 3D depth. This is an effect that is being utilized by many web designers.  But with 90 Second Website Builder, there's no code to write or paths to edit.  The software does all of that for you.
This page demonstrates the parallax effect possible with 90 Second Website Builder.

As you scroll down the page, you will notice the background image in the layer below this text moves at a slightly slower speed the rest of the page.  This creates the 3D effect professional web designers call a parallax.
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