Log-In Tools
More Login Tools Features:
- Login / Logout Forms
- Admin Tool for adding editing and removing user accounts.
- Sign-Up form for users to create an account.
- Edit Profile form for users to manage their profile settings.
- Change Password Form
- Custom Profile Fields
- Supports both MySQL and plain text database.
- No custom coding needed...everything is drag and drop.
90 Second Website Builder has a complete built-in login system to password protect on one or more pages.

The log-in tools are a set of easy-to-use, yet powerful PHP Forms and Scripts. While you drag and drop objects into place, (login forms, forgot password form, sign-up form, etc.) the software does the programming for you
Choose the look, feel and style of your forms to best match your websites layout.  Color, size, font, backgrounds, borders, radius are all simple to change.
The Password Recovery object allows users to reset their password. An email message is sent with the new password.
To protect any page from your website, simply drag and drop the Protected Page object onto the page canvas.  If the user is not logged in, they will be redirected to the Access Denied Page.
The Single Page Protect feature was designed especially as an easy way to protect a single page without the need to setup a database. Simply drag and drop this object onto your page, set the password and your page is password-protected.
You can choose from two protection methods: PHP (server sided protection) or Javascript encryption (client side protection, no PHP required).
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