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Just drag the video tool into place and you're ready to stream.  90 Second Website Builder makes it easy to use HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo QuickTime, Real Player, Windows Media Player or Flash Videos on your site.

90 Second Website Builder includes Flash Player support for multiple video formats including:

FLV, MP4, AVC, MOV, AVI, MP4V, M4V, F4V, VP6, VP7 and M4A (AAC, iPod), M4R
(Audio/Ringtones for iPhone), F4A (Audio)

And now with the latest version of 90 Second Website Builder, you can open your YouTube video in a fancy LightBox.  Make your video "pop" off the screen and play smoothly through a sleek looking window.
Here's an example of a YouTube video.  You'll see many of these on our website here.
This one uses the HTML5 Video tool and Amazon's S3 server for storage.
And it's just as easy to use Vimeo with 90 Second Website Builder.
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